We have a huge range of forklift options to suit all applications.

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Diesel, LPG, electric, lithium and rough terrain forklifts available.

We are dealers for HC forklifts UK who offer customers a full range of materials handling equipment, from 1.5 tonnes to 25 tonnes, including a comprehensive line of warehouse machines. By combining driveline technology, together with cutting-edge Chinese design, our customers can be confident the machines they are investing in will offer a competitive total cost of ownership over a long and reliable service life.

Our Diesel and Gas trucks range from 1T to 12T, depending on your requirements.

With the latest in noise reduction technology, an improved shock absorber, and engines that comply with EU emission regulations, the diesel range caters for greater comfort, productivity and efficiency.

Download 1.0-3.5t XF Series IC Brochure Download 4.0~5.5t XF Series IC Brochure Download 5~7t XF Series IC Brochure Download 8~12t XF Series IC Brochure
Our Electric forklift range includes 3 wheels, 4 wheels and heavy duty.

High capacity batteries, a 1200mm turning radius, high stability, and driver comfort are just some of the features of the electric forklift family.

Download 1.0-3.5T XF Series IC Brochure Download 1.3-2.0T A-Series 3-Pivot Brochure Download 2.5-3.5T A-Series High Performance Brochure Download 4.0-4.99T A-Series Brochure Download Hangcha A 10-35 Brochure
Electric 3 Wheel Forklift
Lithium Forklift
Our Lithium-ion forklift range includes....

High capacity batteries, a 1200mm turning radius, high stability, and driver comfort are just some of the features of the electric forklift family.

Download Lithium 1.0-3.5t A-Series Brochure Download XC Series Lithium Power 2.0~3.5t Brochure
Rough Terrain

Rough terrain 2.5T to 5T forklifts are ideal for outdoor applications on a variety of surfaces, regardless as to the conditions.

A low centre of gravity helps boost manoeuvrability and performance.

Download Two-Wheel Drive Rough Terrain Brochure Download Four-Wheel Drive Rough Terrain Brochure
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What Our Customers Are Saying
John Hillman

My company has been using Jackson Forklift for nearly 10 years. They're always so reliable and offer good prices that we don't need to go anywhere else.

Katy T

We hired forklifts from Jackson Forklift soon after we first opened our warehouse, and we've always had fantastic service from them. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone!

Rob Parkour

I was looking to get my forklifts serviced and was recommended to Jackson Forklift. I can see why, great service and good prices.

Hardeep Lall

Really great people to deal with, highly responsive and friendly.

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